Syracuse, Class of 2005

BFA in Illustration

Work Experience

Behance Portfolio Reviews organizer & reviewer (October 2017)

Behance had contacted me to possibly organize a portfolio review session which I thought would be fun. I knew of great colleagues that would be very helpful to people who are seeking to tighten up their portfolios.


Branding & Design for Marcelli Formaggi (2016 - Present)

Andy Marcelli was a beer buyer for Eataly in New York when I first met him and when he decided to leave his post, he asked me to clean up his family business’s logo as well as some brochure and mailers. Currently we are working together to re-brand all of the Marcelli Formaggi cheese packaging.


Freelance Designer for Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey (2015-2016)

I produced a booklet of various pigs from their farm and distillery as well as a shipping box and a great illustration of their distillery, newly designed by world renowned whiskey maker, David Pickerell.


Designer & Illustrator for Barrier Brewing Co. Labels (2014 - Present)

When we began working together, it was for a few one-off bottles available only at the brewery. Since then we have created numerous bottles and cans together, producing a presence on the shelves here in New York that can’t be denied.


Designer & Illustrator for Iconyc Brewing Co. Labels (2017 - Present)

So far I have produced 2 labels for this new Queens brewery. Expect to see and taste many more!


Branding & Design for Hell's Kitchen Hot Sauce (2014 - Present)

I was tasked to design their logos and create consistent, on-brand label designs. This sauce is a delicious up and comer that will leave your eyes watery.


Branding & Design for Jimmy’s No.43 & Beer Sessions Radio (2014 - 2017)

Jimmy approached me for logos and promotionals for various pop-up food and drink events, including Oktoberfeast, Ciderfeast, Mardi Gras NYC and

Beer Sessions Radio.


Branding & Design for The Beerly Legal Group: Alewife, Alewife Brewing Co., Fools Gold, The Jeffrey & The Rochard (2014 - Present)

I worked hard to unify the branding for The Beerly Legal after I designed the Fools Gold logo. Since then I have produced multiple logos and promotions including graphics for various events as well as growlers for all three current locations.


Designer of 251-glyph typeface "Monster Face" for the novel "Monster Skin", Published 2013


Specialty Poster Designer for 4th Ave Pub (2012 - Present)

I picked up 4th Ave Pub when I worked for Union Beer Distributors. Kirk Struble (one of the owners) wanted super intricate posters  mostly based on movies and music album covers. We continue to collaborate on great posters that bring people to this awesome bar that won BARch Madness in 2014 for best beer bar in the NYC area.


Designer at Union Beer Distributors (2010 - 2013)

From posters to menus to tasting notes, I designed it all. I showcased multiple brands with my designs. My Vanberg & DeWulf’s poster for Coast to Coast Toast in NYC and my logo for Lagunita’s Grateful Dead concerts were very well received. I was specially recognized by Smuttynose Brewing Company for designing their best tap stickers, tasting notes and posters which ultimately led to an illustration project for their 21st anniversary.


Other Illustration & Design Clients

• EMI Music Publishing • Friends with Four Paws • Izod • Queensboro Dance Festival • Cuzett Libations • Brindles • East Forest • Triton Digitals

• The Harbor School • Tedde Teddy Bears • Goin’ East • The NYC Brewers Guild  • Triton Digital • Proletariat • Hops Hill • Blind Tiger Ale House NYC

• Six Most Metal Breweries •  The Baroness • Royal Palms • Smuttynose Brewing Co.


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